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Small Business Branding, Design, and Websites

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Since I was a child, I wanted to take over the world with my flying carpet. Growing up I understood that in some way it was possible, but It's necessary to replace the carpet with the mind and work hard to move on.

to make long story short

I'm a Creative consultant, Web developer and Business Developer. I milled HTML and CSS and then soldered them with good experience in Advertise and Graphics adding Marketing pills.

Marketing Pills
Graphic Design Software
SEO tools


Let me help your small business succeed

Responsive Websites

..and many things online! I provide support in the fast-changing realm of the internet.

Corporate Brand Design

for organizations without a designer on staff, or to supplement their internal skill-sets.

Design for print

It's about representing your unique brand story, not about creating eye candy.

VIsual Communication

It's about mix and match images and messages to get your dream and goal.

Recent Projects

I've worked with small businesses for over 20 yearsand, I'm looking forward to becoming a part of your team.


Fip - Bathroom Furniture


WHO: FIP srl - Prato (Po).

WHAT: Website.

Need a new bathroom? Find the bathroom furniture just right for you. Get quality bathroom and good price.

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Casa del Tosaerba


WHO: Albonetti snc - Faenza (Ra).

WHAT: Website.

You're at the right place if you love take care of your garden. They provide from the lawn mowers to useful tools for gardening...and so your garden will infuse a touch of picturesque air to your living.

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Frankie Brewery


WHO: Frankie Brewery - Marradi (Fi).

WHAT: Website.

Frankie is the owner and he's building a tribe of craft brew fans who enjoy the beer and the quirky... The proof is in the pudding at this point..

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Monitor the Planet

Website and more

WHO: Monitor the Planet - Faenza (Ra)

WHAT: Website, Branding, Flyer Company Profile, Visit Card.

This Innovative Start Up, develop groundbreaking technologies, and provided a highly efficient and professional engineering services.

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Sinergie Fotografiche

Website and more

WHO: Sinergie Fotografiche - Imola (Bo)

WHAT: Website, Branding, Web Writing, Consultant.

Simona got her talented team, together making many interesting events and creative shoot offers for a good price.

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Moda Diffusion


WHO: Moda Diffusion Hair salon unisex - Faenza (Ra)

WHAT: Website

Sandro is an excellent hairdresser and has a great personal approach. The team is friendly and professional.

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Visual Design

WHO: Laura Marchiani - Faenza (Ra)

WHAT: Businesses flyers design, Roll-up Design, Consulting and more.

Laura is a Professional Kinesiologist and experts in body movement.

MM Montanari

Corporate Calendar Design

WHO: MM Montanari - Conselice (Ra)

WHAT: Corporate Calendar Design.

It's a tube manufacturers. I did for them even a simple static page.

People hire me for Branding, Design and Website.

If you'd like to arrange a more in-depth chat or bespoke consultation about your goals I can arrange a meeting and time that suits you.
The consultations are held in Piazza Martiri della Libertà 7 - Faenza (Ra) - Italy.

Alternatively we can arrange a skype call with you.

Skype Name: luanaarginelli